Estimates Reimer Building Mover

To request an estimate please call or e-mail us. When you request an estimate this is the information we will need to know:

• Size of your building (dimensions: Length x Width x Height).
• Square footage of your building (length x width = square footage).
• Model name of your house if buying a new home from an RTM homebuilder.
• What kind of foundation your house will be set onto (surface foundation or basement; 
wood, concrete or ICF).
• What kind of foundation is your house currently sitting on (surface foundation or basement; 
wood, concrete or ICF).
• It is also helpful if you can e-mail us pictures of your building and the new site it will be transported to. Include pictures of all sides of the building or foundation and the area surrounding it. This way we have a clear idea of what will be required and can provide you a more accurate estimate.

Free Estimate Request Form